Common Faults with Gledhill Stainless ES System

Fault Finding and Troubleshooting Guide for Gledhill Stainless ES System

Please note that all maintenance and repair tasks must be conducted by a qualified engineer. For detailed instructions, refer to the Gledhill Stainless ES manual.

Download Here : Gledhill Stainless ES Manual

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No Water at the Tap:

  • Check that the mains water supply is turned ON.
  • Ensure the line strainer is not blocked.
  • Verify that the combination valve allows water to flow in the correct direction.

Cold Water at the Tap:

  • Ensure the boiler is switched ON and working properly.
  • Check for airlocks in the primary system.
  • Isolate the unit at the mains electric supply and inspect: i. The cylinder thermostat ii. The thermal cut-out, which can be reset by pushing the red button iii. The motorised valve iv. The boiler thermostat v. The boiler thermostat cut-out (if fitted)
  • Never bypass any energy cut-outs under any circumstances.
  • If the units are not heating and the heat source is electrical, isolate the immersion heaters before resetting the energy cut-out. Replace immersion heaters with units supplied from Gledhill Building Products Limited.

Discharge from Relief Valves:

  • If cold water is discharging from the expansion relief valve into the tundish, check the pressure on the expansion vessel when cold and recharge if necessary.
  • If the fault persists, check the Pressure Reducing Valve or the Relief Valve. Replace the faulty component with a Gledhill approved replacement.


  • Follow the commissioning procedure for drain down.
  • If there is an overheat fault and very hot water is discharged, turn off the heat source but not the water supply.
  • Once the supply is cool, check thermostats and energy cut-outs in the boiler and immersion heaters. Replace faulty components with units supplied by Gledhill and ensure they work correctly before returning the system to full operation.