Gledhill StainlessLite Horizontal Parts & Spares Guide

Explore the Functions of Your Gledhill StainlessLite Horizontal Parts & Spares: A User-Friendly Guide

Understanding the role of each part and spare in your Gledhill StainlessLite Horizontal heating system is crucial for efficient operation and maintenance. Here's a breakdown of their functions:

  • Control & Overheat Thermostat (XG212): Regulates the temperature of the water and prevents overheating, ensuring safe operation of the system.

  • 24 Litre Expansion Vessel (XG216): Absorbs excess water volume created by thermal expansion, maintaining system pressure and preventing damage.

  • 18 Litre Expansion Vessel (XG215) and 12 Litre Expansion Vessel (XG214): Similar to the 24L vessel, these components manage water volume to safeguard against pressure fluctuations and maintain system integrity.

  • Tundish (XG207): Provides a visible indication of any discharge from safety devices, allowing you to monitor system health and safety.

  • Drain Cock (GS028): Facilitates drainage from the system, aiding in maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

  • Junction Wiring (XG129): Centralises electrical connections, providing a secure and organised platform for system wiring, simplifying maintenance procedures.

  • 22mm 2 Port Zone Valve (XG083): Controls the flow of water in different zones of your heating system, enabling precise temperature control and energy efficiency.

  • Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (SG014): Safely releases excess pressure and temperature from the system, preventing damage or failure due to overpressure.

By understanding the functions of these parts and spares, you can ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your Gledhill StainlessLite Horizontal heating system. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to consult with a qualified technician for further guidance.