Gledhill StainlessLite Plus Parts & Spares Guide

Unveiling the Functions of Your Gledhill StainlessLite Plus Parts & Spares: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the roles of your Gledhill StainlessLite Plus parts is essential for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your heating system. Here's a detailed overview of each component:

  • 24 Litre Expansion Vessel (XG216): Absorbs excess water volume created by thermal expansion, preventing pressure build-up within the system and safeguarding against damage.

  • Tundish (XG207): Provides a visible indication of any discharge from safety devices like the pressure relief valve, helping you monitor the system's health and safety.

  • Control & Overheat Thermostat (XG212): Regulates the temperature of the water within the system, ensuring it stays within safe limits and preventing overheating.

  • 28mm 2 Port Zone Valve (XC012): Controls the flow of water in different zones of your heating system, allowing for precise temperature control and energy efficiency.

  • 18 Litre Expansion Vessel (XG215) and 12 Litre Expansion Vessel (XG214): Similar to the 24L vessel, these components absorb excess water volume to maintain system pressure and integrity.

  • Junction Wiring Box (12 Way) (XG129): Centralizes electrical connections, providing a secure and organized platform for system wiring, aiding maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • 22mm 2 Port Valve (Indirects Only) (XG083): Regulates the flow of water in indirect heating systems, controlling the temperature in specific areas of your property.

  • 3kW Immersion Element (SH010): Heats water within the system, ensuring a constant and reliable hot water supply for your household needs.

  • Lift Up Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve (SG017/SG033): Safely releases excess pressure and temperature from the system, preventing damage or failure due to overpressure.

  • 22mm 90Ā° Compression Elbow c/w Drain (SF003): Provides a secure and leak-free connection between pipes, offering flexibility in plumbing configurations while facilitating drainage when needed.

Familiarizing yourself with these components empowers you to maintain, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of your Gledhill StainlessLite Plus heating system. If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to consult with a qualified technician for guidance.