Gledhill StainlessLite Pro Parts & Spares Guide

Understanding Your Gledhill StainlessLite Pro: A Comprehensive Parts & Spares Guide

Your Gledhill StainlessLite Pro system is designed to provide efficient heating and hot water for your home. Here's a breakdown of its key components and their functions:

  • Tundish XG207: Acts as a safety device by providing a visible indication of any discharge from the pressure relief valve, ensuring your system operates safely.

  • Expansion Vessels (24L XG216, 18L XG215, 12L XG214): These vessels accommodate the expansion of water as it heats up within the system, helping to maintain optimal pressure levels and prevent damage to internal components.

  • Junction Wiring Box (12 Way) XG129: Provides a secure and organized connection point for the wiring within your Gledhill StainlessLite Pro system, ensuring reliable electrical connections.

  • 3kW Immersion Element SH010: Heats the water stored in the cylinder of your Gledhill StainlessLite Pro, providing hot water for domestic use.

Understanding the functions of these components will empower you to troubleshoot issues and ensure the optimal performance of your Gledhill StainlessLite Pro system. If you encounter any difficulties, always consult a qualified technician for assistance.